Kenny is a well polished and savvy composer/producer with a diverse writing style that features well crafted songs displaying an unyielding commitment to producing music that appeals to people of all backgrounds and ages.

His diverse range of genres reflects his real life experiences and his natural, easy going personality of embracing and celebrating diversity.

Kenny has been writing songs since his early years. Growing up in Rochester, New York, Kenny was constantly exposed to a wide array of genres including Acoustic, Classical, Country, Pop, R&B, Jazz and Rock.

While Kenny is a diverse writer, at present his primary focus is on high-end, upscale smooth Jazz and classy contemporary music.

“My objective is longevity, not as an artist, but to write music that will join the list of classics and standards listened to around the world”.

Kenny’s strong songwriting skills received notoriety when he had his first song published by Warner-Tamerlane Music and received credit for his R&B song entitled “I’m Scared”, which was placed on then RCA recording artist, Evelyn Champaign King’s album, “Long Time Coming”

Mainstream is what best defines Kenny’s music and is what he takes pride in being recognized for, nothing too fancy or complicated, just warm music with catchy melodies and lyrics that are easy to remember and hum long after the song is over. . . just simple, catchy, feel good music, . . .the music of Kenny Gilkes.

Kenny’s most current project includes his 2nd CD release of November 4th, 2017

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